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Social networks: reinforcing your digital footprint

Your digital communication cannot be limited to a website alone. Social networks allow you to establish close contact with your priority targets, create one or more communities and increase awareness of your company, your activity and how you communicate.

In B2B, social networks allow you to communicate mainly about your brand values, your knowledge of the needs of your targets, and how you can meet these needs.


In B2C, social networks need to be considered as genuine sales channels.

The advantages of being present on social networks:

• Developing the visibility and reputation of your company

• Controlling your reputation

• Increasing traffic for your website

• Winning new customers

• Developing customer loyalty

• Recruiting


We can support you in creating and running your social networks:

• Strategy consulting

• Creating accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram)

• Content creation

• Community management

• Analysis

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